Is your insomnia or sleep disorder affecting your daytime productivity, your health, or your family life? Disturbances in sleep create a long list of secondary issues that can quickly become primary concerns if insomnia continues untreated. Lack of sleep, whether it’s medically related or anxiety-driven, can throw off your normal functioning during the day.

Concentration becomes difficult, productivity at work or school begins to suffer, irritability can have you lashing out at family and friends, and you become at risk for serious health issues like heart attacks. Chilla weighted blankets offer a natural alternative to get the rest your body needs.

Deep pressure touch stimulation, or DPTS, is a type of therapy that almost anyone can benefit from. Similar to getting a massage, the pressure exerted over the body has physical and psychological advantages.

If you suffer from insomnia, quieting your mind at night in order to get sleep is a challenge you probably face. Often described as feeling like a hug, a weighted blanket leads to a sense of security, which tends to calm the mind.

When pressure is gently applied to the body, it encourages serotonin production, which lifts your mood. When serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, your body takes the cue to rest. A Chilla Weighted Blanket is a relaxation aid that you can use over and over whenever you need it most.